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Question I'm confused, how many different version of Cal3d out there?


I opened up 'female.cfg' that comes with vizard3 and I compared it with 'test.cfg' which I produced from blender.

(1) under female.cfg;
skeleton is identified with .csx
animations are identified with .cax
meshes are indentified with .cmx

(2) with blender exporter I don't get these file formats.
from blender I can only export in HTML or in Binary formats, and
I would get these files;
skeleton is identified with .csf (html) or .xsf (binary)
animations are identified with .caf (html) or .xaf (binary)
meshes are indentified with .cmf (html) or .xmf (binary)

So yeah.. I tried both format and vizard crashes after specifying the object name under stage. You know, after you specify a .cfg and vizard will ask you for a name for the object. Vizard crashes at this point. I'm assuming because these formats are different and IF (I'm assuming) the content of .xsf = .csx, vizard wouldn't crash everytime I load the .cfg file.

oh well..., I've done my testing, and will look again sometime next week. If I find anything new, I'll post it here.


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