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guxmy01 05-27-2008 02:28 AM

How to create a sky?

Im new to this Vizard software. My task is to create a VR of my building and its surrounding. The problem I faces are :

a) How to create a sky background using JPEG?

b)If i turn on the light, is it the shadow is automatically on?

Anyone can help me?


farshizzo 05-28-2008 12:07 PM

a) Vizard comes with a sample sky cubemap. You can use the following code to use it:

sky = viz.add(viz.ENVIRONMENT_MAP,'sky.jpg')

skybox = viz.add('skydome.dlc')

There are many sample sky cubemaps available online as well. Just do a google search for them.

b) Light object do not cast shadows. If you need static shadows, then the best option is to bake the shadow into a lightmap using a tool like 3dsmax. If you need dynamic shadows, then search through the forum. There are a few sample scripts posted showing how to setup shadows in Vizard.

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