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qwartz 12-07-2018 03:09 AM

Detect Hands of Avatar (set them as target)

I use the Oculus Rift with a vizconnect configuration where I've added the "Mark" avatar's hands. I want to touch objects and when they are touched they should change state (e.g. color).

My objects have sensors and I can achieve the desired change in state when the viewpoint is near the objects. Now I want to extend the target from the viewpoint to the hands of the avatar (so that when the hands are near the objects, they - the objects - change state).

I tried something like that:

viewTransform = vizconnect.getDisplay().getNode3d()
#viewTransform = vizconnect.getAvatar#.getNode3d()
target = vizproximity.Target(viewTransform)

but it doesn't work. Anything else to try?

Jeff 12-12-2018 03:28 AM

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This maybe difficult using the mark avatar hand. Since the hand is only a mesh and not a distinct 3d node it's not possible to get a handle directly to it and set it as a proximity target. You could try using the head and hands avatar instead. Attached is an example.

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