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natstj 03-10-2020 10:21 AM

Avatar distorted when imported from unity
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I have an avatar from unity that I want to animate with Mixamo and import into Vizard. I am using this Vizard tutorial as a guide: I am having the following problem: when I import my avatar into the vizard inspector as a .fbx (the original file type), the avatar appears distorted. If I convert the file to a .gltf and then import it into the inspector, it is not distorted. However, I need it in the .fbx format in order to animate it with mixamo. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you! (pictures are attached)


sado_rabaudi 03-10-2020 02:45 PM

Hi, would you be able to provide a link where I can download the file? FBX avatars from Mixamo should work without any issue from Mixamo. Can you also try directly downloading from Mixamo again and then going into Inspector? Also, what version of Vizard are you using?

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