View Full Version : Control non-human rig (robot-arm)

10-03-2017, 01:20 AM
The desired exercise is to build a robotic arm that can be controlled bone-by-bone using the orientation of the bones (a miniature robotic arm is acting as a controller which drives the virtual model of the arm).

For avatars it's easy to get a handle on a bone and set the Euler. However, when I try to rig a robotic arm the rotation point is not relative to the previous bone even if they have a parent-child relation and I use the Euler 'mode' parameter for relative to prev. bone. I have tried different ways and can't seem to figure out how to rig it to work properly in Vizard. Furthermore, the bone structure in the avatars features 'BoneTransforms' and whatever I do mine seems to just create 'Bone'. Any ideas on how to rig this arm?

Using 3DS Max 2017 with Vizard 5. (Me: new to Vizard)