View Full Version : Importing 3ds files into Vizard?

03-23-2017, 11:40 AM

First time poster, long time confused guy. I have a .3ds file of a brain that I want to import into a blank world Vizard. I believe you need 2 steps for this

1) Converting 3ds to OSGB
2) Importing OSGB file into a blank world in Vizard.

Can anyone offer solutions to either or both of these steps? There are cookies in it for you if you can!


03-24-2017, 12:04 AM
The 3D Models Introduction (http://docs.worldviz.com/vizard/#3D_model_creation_basics.htm) describes our recommended workflow for getting content into Vizard and model formats supported by Vizard. The Vizard intro (http://docs.worldviz.com/vizard/#Old_Book/Building_a_Small_World.htm) tutorial shows how to add models and more.