View Full Version : Regarding a 2 Walled(Left Wall n Right Wall) Projectn with Ground(Floor) Projectn

01-10-2017, 06:45 AM
Hi Jeff,
I am developing a vizard demo,in which i have to achieve the following VR Corner Cave SetUp Topology.

1)I want my projections should be on the 2 walls (RIGHT wall and LEFT Wall) and also the GROUND(floor).

2)There are 4 PPT Cameras of which 2 cameras are installed at the above the corners of the LEFT wall and the RIGHT wall with 1 camera above at extreme top-left of the LEFT Wall and also 1 camera above at extreme top-right of the RIGHT wall.

To achieve:
I have achieved 2 walled projection,but i want projection on LEFT wall,RIGHT wall and also on the GROUND to give a actual feel and perpective of the VR Environment with full immersion.

Which setup or presets or any configuration do i have to choose from the vizconnect GUI to achieve the following setup with proper trackers configuartion?

PFA of the setup topology of what i have to achieve using Vizard.

Pls assist me further.

Waiting for your reply.

01-25-2017, 12:28 AM
Hi Jeff,

Do i have to follow the same methodology as reply mentioned by you in my post in the below link ?

Post Link: