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12-30-2016, 05:03 AM
Hi Jeff,
I am preparing a demo in which i have to achieve the following:

The viewpoint should always face the 3D Model when i turn left or rotate left using a vizconnect transport and mapping the turn left and turn right of the transport section in the vizconnect to the input signals of the input that is added in the vizconnect section.


The viewpoint display when rotated using transport the 3d models should always be seen inside the display when rotation of the transport is done.

I used 'lookAt' function in every module <viewpoint>,<node3d>,<viz> of vizard,but theres no breakthrough.

Pls assist me further ,to achieve this.

Thanx & Regards

Mr.Rajnish Vishwakarma
Xenium Digital Pvt Ltd ,Mumbai

01-03-2017, 11:09 AM
If you want to fix the model to the view you can set it's reference frame (http://docs.worldviz.com/vizard/#commands/node3d/setReferenceFrame.htm) to viz.RF_VIEW. If you want the model to come into view only after the transport movement is started you could create vizconnect events for both left and right turns. Map the same input signals used with the transport for the events. Then in your script create callback functions for the events. In those functions, set the model's position so it comes into view or change its reference frame.