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anurag sohane
01-12-2013, 10:17 AM
Hello friend ,i want sugesstion to you,that hawwill we create below task using virtual environment.
Director’s Tasks
Day18: Task involves notice board displaying a list of work to be done by director. Notice board displays some work to do with options like:
1.Move to meeting room.
2.Read the articles.
3.Watch some graphs.
4.Choose the graph which displays your project.
5.Select the graph which gives minimum cost to company.
6.Move back to your room.
Subject is to remember the sequence i.e. the action along with its option.
During the experiment, random announcements are done specifying the action to be taken and the subject has to press the respective option button. For instance, subject has to press 2 if the announcement is “Read the Articles”.
In this, some extra options not displayed on the notice board are also involved in order to distract the subject. Some are:
• Repair work.
• Short circuit.
• Foreign delegations.
• Meeting etc.
If the wrong option button is pressed, subject is given the hint that specifies the correct option to subject. Options on notice board are displayed for 1 minute.
Total duration of task is 4 days.