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10-11-2012, 02:50 PM

I am trying to setup head tracking in Vizard for using with our Vizwall, which is essentially a powerwall. It has intersense tracking support with infitec stereo glasses.

The problem I am facing is that the stereo is not fusing properly. Also, the lighting appears to be messed up, because I see the various objects appearing dim (I know they are dim for sure because earlier they were lighted alright, when I haven't played around with head tracking thing).

viz.go(viz.STEREO | viz.FULLSCREEN)
#defining the VizWall below
frontScreenLeftX = 3.13
frontScreenRightX = 0.07
frontScreenUpperY = 2.5
frontScreenLowerY = 0.1
frontScreenZ = -2.41

UL = frontScreenLeftX, frontScreenUpperY, frontScreenZ
UR = frontScreenRightX, frontScreenUpperY, frontScreenZ
LL = frontScreenLeftX, frontScreenLowerY, frontScreenZ
LR = frontScreenRightX, frontScreenLowerY, frontScreenZ

vizWall = vizcave.Wall( upperLeft=UL,

#Create cave object with VizWall
cave = vizcave.Cave()
cave.addWall(vizWall, mask=viz.MASTER)

#ask vizard to update the off-axis rendering frustum based on the viewpoint from the head sensor

#setup the caveview for moving the CAVE around the virtual world
cave_origin = vizcave.CaveView(headSensor)

I am also attaching a snap to show how the images are appearing. The gap between the two images will easily tell that the images are not going to fuse from a distance of 5 feet off the wall. At the bottom of the snap, you will notice two hands, which are for the same one, but again suffering from the stereo fusing problem.

Also the hands are quite dim, most probably due to the wrong headlight location(/viewpoint location?). I feel the stereo fusing and the lighting problem are due to the same cause. I do not have any separate lights in my code. I think the only light vizard provides is the headlight from the viewpoint.

I will greatly appreciate a quick reply/solution to my problem!!
Please shoot any questions you may have.


10-16-2012, 09:00 PM

Thanks for giving me some time to introspect into the problem!

I have solved this problem of mine! For future reference of people who might fall in the same pit, I read this thread - http://forum.worldviz.com/showthread.php?t=1588, which discussed the exact same problem.

Aside from correcting the corner coordinates of the Vizwall, I also figured that for making a CAVE-style head-tracking, I will need to either mask the headlink with something like headLink.setMask(viz.LINK_POS), or use the CaveView class, which does similar stuff.

I also fixed the lighting problem thus:

mylight = viz.add(viz.LIGHT)
mylight.position(1.5, 1.5, 0.5)
mylight.direction(1.5, 1.5, -10.0)

Also, for the future newbies like me, after you post a thread, look at the end of the page for similar threads!