View Full Version : Image Jitter / IS-900 / Rockwell-Collins SR-80 HMD

09-10-2012, 03:23 PM
We're experiencing significant jitter in the image while using Vizard with an Intersense IS-900, and a Rockwell-Collins SR-80 HMD. We split our signal to some monitors and the HMD, and there is absolutely no jitter on the monitors. However, when moving one's head in the HMD, there is significant jitter in the image, even when poly counts are fairly low (say 10-200). Any ideas? We've tried using a sync cable, messing with multisampling, triple buffering on the video card, changing from polled to continuous mode as suggested on another post, all with no luck.


Intersense IS-900 (http://www.intersense.com/pages/20/14)
SR-80: http://www.est-kl.com/fileadmin/media/pdf/Rockwell_Collins/ProView_SR80-A_7.07.pdf

09-10-2012, 05:02 PM
Just noticed you posted this question in our forum here and also on our closed support forum. We will work with you on figuring out a solution for this issue on the support forum.