View Full Version : Sensable Open Haptics-"Failed to load plug-in: 'sensable3.dle'"

09-04-2012, 12:46 PM

I am trying to use Sensable's Open Haptics (version 3.1) with Vizard 3.0. Therefore, I am using

sensable=viz.add('sensable3.dle') in Vizard like docs.worldviz (http://docs.worldviz.com/vizard/SensAble_Haptic_Devices.htm) suggests. However, I still get the following error:

Failed to load plug-in: 'sensable.dle'

Therefore, I am wondering if my problem is that Open Haptics Academic Edition does not come with a license (since I know O.H.'s is installed). I called Sensable and they said a license is not required to run, and therefore it was Vizard's fault.

I installed all 3 different versions of Open Haptics with the same result.

Any help will be appreciated.


09-04-2012, 12:51 PM
The documentation you linked to is for Vizard 4.0. Vizard 3.0 only supports OpenHaptics 2.0. You will either need to downgrade to OpenHaptics 2.0, or upgrade to Vizard 4.0.

09-04-2012, 01:40 PM
Thanks for your amazingly quick reply!

I previously read you saying thing earlier, but didn't explicitly read this anywhere.

Anyways, after trying 2.0 O.H.'s again (and fixing some driver errors) it looks like it should work.

Thanks again for your help!