View Full Version : Intertial Head Tracker Recommendation

06-14-2012, 01:51 PM
I need to add an inertial head tracking capability to an application that uses an HMD. The candidates are Intersense Inertia Cube 2 or 3, Trivisio Colibri 3DOF, and Motionnode. Based on experience can someone give me an idea which of the these will be easier to incorporate into my application? (I.e. minimal bugs and operates reliably and accurately.)


06-16-2012, 02:48 PM
We at Worldviz have successfully used the Inertia Cube 2+ or 3 for many years (but that requires a serial connector, any connection over USB always has a little bit of 'stutter' in there for head orientation).

I know that some customers of ours are using Trivisio Colibri 3DOF, which seems to work (but i have never personally tried it for longer times).

RE Motionnode, i have not seen this used personally for a head tracked immersive system from all i know.

There are some more possibilities that just the three you named, it might be good if you sent a message to 'sales@worldviz.com'.

also, just so you know, Worldviz can resell almost any VR gear out in the market, so you can also purchase thru us if you want, then we'll make 100% sure that your sensor was tested with Vizard before you receive it.

have fun!