View Full Version : Moving platform

02-21-2012, 03:39 PM
I only have about a month experience with Vizard. Currently I'm creating a restaurant, and between the entrance and seating area there is a long "hallway" with 7 to 8 ninety degree turns. A simple walled platform, which I call the "ferry", shuttles patrons back and forth, the movement being triggered by a key command. I'm unable to get the MainView to move with this ferry. There are metre high walls enclosing most of the standing area but they don't prevent me from falling off once the ferry starts moving. I've read up on links, which may be the best option, but haven't had any success, and the link would need to be terminated once the ferry ride was over. Essentially I need to be able to walk onto an object, set it in motion, and move along with it until it comes to rest. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions they would be much appreciated!