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Old 01-25-2017, 01:13 PM
tianmoran tianmoran is offline
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vizconnect and track the position of real human movement

Dear all,

I recently need to use Polhemus to track the head and shoulder movement of the real human. But actually, I don't know how to do it with Polhemus.

I checked the vizconnect tutorial and tried to first do this with my keyboard and mouse (as Polhemus is currently unavailable), but couldn't find a way to record the position of my keyboard or mouse or the avatar I added.

Then a friend sent me the codes:
import viz
import vizinput
import time

global mark1, mark2, mark3, mark4
polhemus = viz.add('polhemus.dle')		
mark1 = polhemus.addLiberty() 			
mark2 = polhemus.addLiberty() 			
mark3 = polhemus.addLiberty() 			
mark4 = polhemus.addLiberty() 			

def WriteResults_Time(mark1,mark3,mark4,fileName):
	now = viz.tick()						
	HeadPos = mark1.getPosition()
	HeadRot = mark1.getEuler()
	LeftHandPos = mark3.getPosition()
	LeftHandRot = mark3.getEuler()
	RightHandPos = mark4.getPosition()
	RightRot = mark4.getEuler()
	Save_results = open(fileName,'Avatar')
	vars = '%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\n' %(
	numTrial, now, 
	HeadPos[0], HeadPos[1], HeadPos[2], 
	HeadRot[0], HeadRot[1], HeadRot[2], 
	LeftHandPos[0], LeftHandPos[1], LeftHandPos[2], 
	LeftHandRot[0], LeftHandRot[1], LeftHandRot[2],
	RightHandPos[0], RightHandPos[1], RightHandPos[2],  
	RightHandRot[0], RightHandRot[1], RightHandRot[2])

Because I couldn't try those codes with my keyboard or mouse, so just want to ask is there anything I need to change? Or are there any solution for me to track the movement of real person and apply it onto an avatar?

Many thanks!
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apply, track motions, vizconnect

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