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Old 12-02-2014, 09:52 AM
VirtuallyInsane VirtuallyInsane is offline
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gabor patch - matplotlib vizard problem

Hello everyone,

just having troubles with a little class that makes a little gabor patch using some math, matplotlib, and vizmatplot. I would like to rotate the gabor patch (actually looks more like a bar) by pressing keys (left and right arrow) and update this every time a key was pressed.

However, "repainting" the gabor takes soooo much time... Has anyone some insight into what I am doing wrong and how to speed this up?

Many thanks in advance and kind regards!

import matplotlib, sys
import matplotlib.backends.backend_agg as agg
import pylab, math

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import as cm

import random, viz, vizmatplot, vizact


class GaborPatch():
    def __init__(self):
        self.F = 0.0
        self.ANGLE = 90
        self.theta = math.radians(self.ANGLE) # Converts angle x from degrees to radians.
        self.sigma_x = 1.0
        self.sigma_y = 30.0
        self.radius = 100
        self.M = np.zeros((self.radius*2, self.radius*2))
        # viz.ON or viz.OFF

    def onSensorDown(self, key):
        if key == viz.KEY_RIGHT:
            self.ANGLE += 10
        if key == viz.KEY_LEFT:
            self.ANGLE -= 10
    def ChangeBase(self, x, y, theta):
        self.x_theta = x * math.cos(self.theta) + y * math.sin(self.theta)
        self.y_theta = y * math.cos(self.theta) - x * math.sin(self.theta)
        return self.x_theta, self.y_theta

    def GaborFunction(self, x, y, theta, f, sigma_x, sigma_y):
        r1 = self.ChangeBase(x, y, theta)[0] / sigma_x
        r2 = self.ChangeBase(x, y, theta)[1] / sigma_y
        arg = - 0.5 * (r1**2 + r2**2)
        return math.exp(arg) * math.cos(2*math.pi*f*self.ChangeBase(x, y, theta)[0])

    def Gabor(self):
        self.theta = math.radians(self.ANGLE)
        x = -float(self.radius)
        for i in range(self.radius*2):
            y = -float(self.radius)
            for j in range(self.radius*2):
                self.M[i, j] = self.GaborFunction(x, y, self.theta, self.F, self.sigma_x, self.sigma_y)
                y = y + 1
            x = x + 1
        # Normalization from 0 to 255
        self.M[:, :] = ((self.M[:, :] - self.M.min()) * 255) / (self.M.max() - self.M.min())
    def Plot(self):
        # Create a figure with size 8 x 8 inches, resolution 80 dots per inch and 
        # set color of drawing background to black = 'k' 
        self.fig = pylab.figure(figsize=[8, 8], dpi=100, facecolor='k')
        # gca stands for 'get current axis' = self.fig.gca()'off')
        plt.imshow(self.M, cmap=cm.Greys_r)
        #enable rendering of plot by passing the pyplot figure to vizmatplot
        matplot = vizmatplot.Show(self.fig)
        #enable display of draw rate
        matplot.showDrawRate(viz.OFF) # viz.ON or viz.OFF

def main():
    patch = GaborPatch()
    viz.callback(viz.KEYDOWN_EVENT, patch.onSensorDown)
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Old 12-02-2014, 09:57 AM
VirtuallyInsane VirtuallyInsane is offline
Join Date: Jan 2013
Posts: 9
sorry, the code needs the file that can be downloaded here in order to work:
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