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Old 08-24-2008, 04:55 AM
Ravi Ravi is offline
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addText problems with 3 windows


I have some problems with sowing text via viz.addTest() in a Setup with three windows. The text isn't displayed.

creating the Windows:
		# Create a new window on the left side
		self.LeftWindow = viz.add(viz.WINDOW)
		self.LeftWindow.position(0, 1)
		self.LeftWindow.size(1.0/3, 1.0)
		#print self.LeftWindow
		#self.CenterWindow = viz.add(viz.WINDOW)
		#self.CenterWindow.position(1.0/3, 1.0)
		#self.CenterWindow.size(1.0/3, 1.0)
		self.CenterWindow = viz.MainWindow
		self.CenterWindow.position(1.0/3, 1.0)
		self.CenterWindow.size(1.0/3, 1.0)

		#Create a new window on the right side
		self.RightWindow = viz.add(viz.WINDOW)
		self.RightWindow.position(2.0/3, 1.0)
		self.RightWindow.size(1.0/3, 1.0)

		# Create new viewports
		self.LeftView = viz.add(viz.VIEWPOINT)
		self.RightView = viz.add(viz.VIEWPOINT)
		self.CenterView = viz.add(viz.VIEWPOINT)

		#Attach the the viewports to the windows

		#Rotate the view so that it looks down
		#set the viewing angle for the windows
creating the text:
		self.anweisung = viz.addText("",viz.SCREEN,self.CenterWindow)
later the anweisung.message("...") command is used to show and to change the text.
Unfortunately there is no text displayed, since we changed to the 3 window setup. With one it is working poperly.
Any idea why this isn't working?
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Old 08-25-2008, 05:51 PM
farshizzo farshizzo is offline
WorldViz Team Member
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If you specify a window object as the scene of a text, then you need to specify viz.ORTHO as the parent, not viz.SCREEN. Also, when adding object to the viz.ORTHO layer, the position units are in pixels, not normalized coordinates. Here is sample code:
self.anweisung = viz.addText("hello",viz.ORTHO,self.CenterWindow,fontSize=32)
self.anweisung.translate(50,50) #50 pixel from bottom left corner of window
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