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Old 02-20-2017, 10:13 AM
chris2307 chris2307 is offline
Join Date: Nov 2013
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viz.pick() with multiple windows

I have a three-screen application. I've created three windows (leftView, centreView and rightView) which is displayed on each screen.

I would like to count the number of objects in the scene at any given time. In the past, I have done this by looping through the screen and using viz.pick() to determine the number of unique objects.

I tried to get this feature working in my three-screen application. However, I believe it is only using the main viewpoint and not the three different windows because the amount of objects I am getting is the same as I would see if it was a single-screen application.

How can I do this differently so I can count the number of unique objects in view? Am I limited to just the main viewpoint when using viz.pick()
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Old 02-21-2017, 06:34 AM
chris2307 chris2307 is offline
Join Date: Nov 2013
Posts: 36
I should also add that I will be eye-tracking across three screens. I have my own algorithms which allows me to achieve this. However, I have always used viz.pick() to return the 3D information at any gaze point on the screen.

How can I achieve this when I am using three-screens displaying three windows?
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Old 02-21-2017, 09:28 PM
Jeff Jeff is offline
WorldViz Team Member
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The window.pick command performs a pick operation on a sub-window.

Also, perhaps the window.isCulled command will be helpful. That returns whether an object is culled by the windows view frustum. However, an object may not be visible because it's obscured by another object and still be in the view frustum.
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Old 02-22-2017, 02:44 AM
chris2307 chris2307 is offline
Join Date: Nov 2013
Posts: 36
That is fantastic, thank you Jeff. I'm a bit annoyed I didn't pick up on that in the documentation.

I'd thought about using is.culled() function before for counting the number of objects in a scene but I do have clutter (and therefore, a lot of obscured objects) which, unfortunately, means I must use the more manual method outlined in my first post. Fortunately, I do not need a super-fast, efficient way of counting objects in a scene.
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