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Old 04-25-2014, 08:53 AM
shivanangel shivanangel is offline
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Help with VizExtension.command?

I'm working to port a new version of our volume rendered over to C++ as a Vizard extension, but I'm running into some issues using the VizExtension.command method.

I followed your documentation, and I can construct a simple cube when I call my extensions .addNode() method.

However, when I try to use the .command method Vizard crashes on me every time.

Specifically, I'm just trying to send back bogus data from the C++ extension to Python using the data.set() method.

MyExtension Header
#pragma once

#include <viz\Extension>
#include <viz\python>
#include "MyNode.h"

class MyExtension : public viz::Extension
	virtual const char* getName() const;
	virtual viz::Referenced* createNode(viz::Data &data);
	virtual void command( viz::Data& data);

	virtual ~MyExtension(void);

	osg::ref_ptr<viz::ExtensionOSGNode> node_;

MyExtension .ccp
#include "MyExtension.h"



const char* MyExtension::getName() const
	return "My Extension";

viz::Referenced* MyExtension::createNode(viz::Data &data)
	node_ = new DummyNode;
	return node_.get();

void MyExtension::command( viz::Data& data )
	int command = data.getInt( "command" );

		case 1:	//Passing in the camera's normal
			float tempX = data.getFloat("x");
			data.set(  PYTHON_RETURN_OBJECT, PYTHON_STRING("This is a test.") );

extern "C" __declspec(dllexport) viz::Extension* CreateVizardExtension(viz::Data &data)
	return new MyExtension();
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