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Old 03-20-2017, 03:39 AM
rajnishv rajnishv is offline
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Smile Regarding switching between viewpoints of 2 different vizconnects files

Hi Jeff,
I am using 2 vizconnect in my vizard script.
I am able to switch between 8 viewpoints of the same 1 single vizconnect.
But i am having problem to switch between viewpoint from 1st vizconnect to the viewpoint of the 2nd vizconnect.

I have tested and changed the viewpoints using a single vizconnect using the following code for 8 different viewpoints for same vizconnect:

import viz
import vizact
import vizconnect
import viztask

# start the vizconnect session stored in the given directory

# oriMode sets what the viewpoint is resetting to. For example...
# matches orientation of the display to the orientation of the viewpoint
# matches orientation of the feet to the orientation of the viewpoint
# matches orientation of the base object (transport, avatar, tracker) to the orientation of the viewpoint
# Similar for posMode
oriMode = vizconnect.VIEWPOINT_MATCH_DISPLAY
posMode = vizconnect.VIEWPOINT_MATCH_FEET

# Add a viewpoint.
vp1 = vizconnect.addViewpoint(	pos=[-13.24803, 12.28260, 8.83578],
								euler=[90, 0, 0],
vp2 = vizconnect.addViewpoint(	pos=[-17.24803, 4.28260, 5.83578],
								euler=[90, 0, 0],
# Displays are added to viewpoints, the viewpoint will traverse the scenegraph to
# determine if the display is attached to an avatar, tracker, etc in order to
# perform the requested resets.

# add an environment

display = vizconnect.getDisplay()

def viewTask():
	while True:
		print'before 1st waitkeydown '
		yield viztask.waitKeyDown(' ')
		print'before 2nd waitkeydown '
		yield viztask.waitKeyDown(' ')
viztask.schedule( viewTask() )

For Ex:

1st Vizonnect - vizconnect.go('vizconnectfile 1') with viewpointFirst=vizconnect.addViewpoint(..)

2nd Vizonnect - vizconnect.go('vizconnectfile 2') with viewpointSecond=vizconnect.addViewpoint(...)

Now i have to switch between viewpoints 'viewpointFirst' and 'viewpointSecond' and vice versa.

Note:I am loading a single Vizconnect one at a time using a def function():

Pls assist further

Last edited by rajnishv; 03-20-2017 at 03:43 AM.
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