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Old 10-15-2007, 04:50 PM
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Fall 2007 release of Vizard R3

WorldViz is pleased to announce the Fall 2007 release of Vizard R3. This is a free update available to the entire Vizard community. Below please find the list of enhancements and bug fixes that are delivered with this update. Equally important, however, are numerous significant improvements made to the electronic documentation (view the new docs online).

Documentation Survey - We at WorldViz kindly request that you take 5 minutes to fill out a new online survey we've made. This is an opportunity to anonymously critique our Vizard documentation and suggest areas that you would personally like to see improved for upcoming releases. To begin the survey, click the link below:

Support Plans - If you don't currently hold a Vizard support contract we'd like to remind you about the benefits you receive. In short, you're guaranteed to receive all Vizard updates and major releases, you have priority access to our technical support staff for resolving problems and errors, and you can request minor consulting on product usage. For more detailed information about our support plans, click the link below:

Download Update

Thank you for using Vizard.

Vizard Development Team

What’s new in R3 Fall 2007 Release:

• extSensor.buttonState()/extSensor.buttonCount() commands
• fakespace module for automatically configuring display for Wide5 HMD
• filter sensors work with orientations
• filter.position() object for applying offset/scale to position data of a linkable object
• filter.swap() object for swapping position/quaternion components of a linkable object
• link.getSrc()/link.getDst() commands
• link.setEuler() command
• link.swapQuat() operator
• Number of drawables displayed in framerate
• Pressing F11 in Vizard editor will open up Script directory
• Pressing F12 in Vizard editor will open up Vizard directory
• sensics module for configuring display for Sensics piSight HMD
• sound3d.remove() command
• Support for alpha videos
• Support for animated GIFs
• Support for icuiti HMD
• Support for LaserAid SpaceGrips device
• Support for Nintendo Wii controllers
• Support for capturing very large screenshots using vizcapture.largeCapture() command
• VideoVision supports uEye cameras
• viz.cluster/viz.cluster.clients read-only options
• viz.EventClass.setEnabled() command
• viz.fullscreen.monitor/width/height/x/y options allow specifying custom fullscreen mode
• viz.getCurrentEvent() returns the current event ID
• viz.getEventName(id) returns name of event
• viz.MaskedObject() allows wrapping object calls around a cluster mask
• viz.MEDIA_EVENT triggered when media object reaches end of playback
• viz.mergeLinkable() objects allow setting/getting pos/ori linkables
• option for specifying multiple default listen ports
• viz.ObjectGroup() class for forwarding function calls to multiple objects
• viz.RemoveList() will automatically remove objects when deleted
• command
• viz.WINDOW_ORTHO mode for window.getSize() command
• vizact callbacks can disable themselves by returning vizact.EventDisable
• vizact callbacks can remove themselves by returning vizact.EventRemove
• vizact.onevent() command for creating custom vizact callbacks
• vizact.onsensordown()/vizact.onsensorup() commands
• vizcore.cfg files in script directory will be loaded in addition to global vizcore.cfg file
• vizmenu can be added to different windows
• vizmocap module for connecting an avatar to a Live Characters server
• viztask.waitSensorDown()/viztask.waitSensorUp() commands
• window.clip() command accepts optional 'eye' parameter
• window.displayToWindow() accepts optional mode/eye parameters
• window.windowToDisplay() accepts optional mode parameter

• Default texture wrap mode changed from viz.CLAMP to viz.CLAMP_TO_EDGE
• Media object errors are more descriptive
• Small optimization for speeding up processing of hidden nodes

• bone.setMatrix() works correctly with relative modes
• Cluster would fail in certain networks that were not configured properly
• Creating actions pools while paused would not work in certain cases
• Deleting node while it has GUI focus would cause GUI to stop working
• Getting rotations from scaled matrices is more accurate
• hand.rightHand() caused error
• Inifinite recursion caused when actions were run inside action callback
• node.alpha() command works on GUI objects
• node.lookat() would not work in certain cases
• OpenGL errors would occure when freeing then compressing textures
• Problems with skydome and large clip planes
• Publish to EXE failed if a file did not exist
• Publish to EXE would not work if multiple files had same virtual path
• Publish to EXE scripts would fail when outputting large amounts of data without a console
• Setting clip plane will not affect screen objects
• Video texture data is initialized to black
• viz.go() options are passed to cluster clients
• viz.ORTHO objects retain correct aspect ratio in viz.STEREO mode
• viz.stereo mode works with quad buffer mode
• viz.WindowSize linkable uses 1 for z-axis scale, instead of 0
• vizact.fall() action generated errors in certain cases
• vizact.walkto() actions can be paused
• Vizard would crash when invalid bone ID is used
• Vizard would crash when picking screen in certain cases
• vizcave divide byt zero error when computing frustum scale
• vizcave properly places eyes for correct stereo viewing
• Window view offset is applied after stereo offset
• Workaround for bad OpenGL drivers that would crash when
• Displaying framerate would freeze Vizard with newer nVidia drivers
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