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Old 02-13-2013, 11:15 AM
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Avatar eye contact with user as it moves

I am looking at the sample WatchNode code. I removed the ball code and changed the nodeToLookAt in line 74 to viz.MainView. I also changed the avatar's state to (1). This makes the avatar's head follow me as I move around, which is the first thing I want. However, I seem to keep failing when I try to then make the avatar move/walkTo somewhere while still looking at me. I am missing something small here but that's b/c I am a newbie I am sure. Thanks for the help.

import viz
import vizact


class WatchNodeAction(viz.ActionClass):
    """Makes avatar head follow node object around"""

    def begin(self,object):
        """Called once when action starts"""

        #Get the node the avatar should look at
        self.nodeToLookAt =[0]
        #Get time the avatar will look at object
        self.duration =[1]
        self.headBone =[2]
        self.blendIn =[3]

        self.timeElapsed = 0

        #Get the head bone and lock it
        self.head = object.getbone(self.headBone)

        self.startQuat = self.head.getQuat()

    def update(self,elapsed,object):
        """Called every frame to update action"""

        self.timeElapsed += elapsed #time avatar has looked at node

        p = self.timeElapsed / self.blendIn

        #If looking for a finite duration, check if time has passed
        if self.duration > 0.0 and self.timeElapsed > self.duration:
            #duration passed, end action
            self.head.lookAt( self.nodeToLookAt.getPosition(), 0, viz.AVATAR_WORLD )
            self.end(object) #End the action and clear it from the action queue

        elif p < 1.0:
            #blend in head look
            self.head.lookAt( self.nodeToLookAt.getPosition(), 0, viz.AVATAR_WORLD )
            targetQuat = self.head.getQuat()

            nextQuad = vizmat.slerp(self.startQuat,targetQuat,p)

            #Done with blend in, just look at node
            self.head.lookAt(self.nodeToLookAt.getPosition(), 0, viz.AVATAR_WORLD)

    def end(self,object):
        if self.head:

#Function to construct the action instance
def watchNode( nodeToLookAt, duration = viz.FOREVER, headBone = 'Bip01 Head', blendIn = .2 ):
    action = viz.ActionData() = [ nodeToLookAt, duration, headBone, blendIn ]
    action.actionclass = WatchNodeAction
    return action

viz.MainView.setPosition( 0, 0, 0 )

male = viz.add( 'vcc_male.cfg' )
male.setPosition( 0, -1.5, 2 )
male.setEuler( 180, 0, 0 )

#Apply the action to the avatar
male.addAction( watchNode(viz.MainView, viz.FOREVER) )

def endHeadWatch():
    #blend head to neutral orientation
    head = male.getBone('Bip01 Head')
    headQuat = head.getQuat(viz.AVATAR_LOCAL)
    head.setQuat(headQuat, viz.AVATAR_LOCAL)
    male.addAction( vizact.headto( 0,0,0, 20, bone = 'Bip01 Head'), 1 )

vizact.onkeydown(' ',endHeadWatch)
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Old 03-01-2013, 12:23 PM
farshizzo farshizzo is offline
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Your code is not applying a walkto action to the avatar. Where/when do you want the avatar to walk?
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