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Old 06-10-2010, 10:12 AM
esuna114 esuna114 is offline
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[New here] Cave joy navigation

Hello everybody,

I'm very new to Vizard, so maybe my questions will be stupid.
Right now i've got a problem with joystick navigation in my cave. I've tried to make it from examples. (We have no tracking devices for now)

Here is the cave file:

# The same script must be run on all machines in the cluster

import viz
import vizcave
import viztracker

# Activate full screen on all nodes with quad buffering

# Disable the mouse cursor visibility on all machines except the master
viz.cluster.setMask(viz.ALLCLIENTS & ~viz.MASTER)

# Declare constants defining the CAVE dimensions
W1 = 3.048			# wideness 	(X)
H1 = 2.286			# height	(Y)
D1 = 0.56			# deepnees 	(Z)

C0 = -2,2.25,2      # Front  Wall: C0,C1,C2,C3
C1 = 2,2.25,2      # Roof   Wall: C4,C5,C0,C1
C2 = -2,0,2      
C3 = 2,0,2     
C4 = -2,3.9736,0.5537
C5 = 2,3.9736,0.5537

#Create front wall
FrontWall = vizcave.Wall(   upperLeft=C0,  
                            name='Front Wall' )

#Create left wall
RoofWall  = vizcave.Wall(   upperLeft=C4,
                            name='Roof Wall' )

#Initialize graphics window

#Create cave object
LITE = vizcave.Cave()

#Add each wall, make sure that they are ordered in the cluster software correctly to match this ordering
LITE.addWall(FrontWall, mask=viz.CLIENT2) 
LITE.addWall(RoofWall, mask=viz.CLIENT1)

import joyLITE

#Create tracker object using the keyboard (WASD keys control the viewpoint, the user's eye location)
#Make the starting location for the user's eye the exact center of the CAVE
viewtracker = viztracker.KeyboardPos()
viewtracker.setPosition (0,1.7,0)

#Pass the viewpoint tracker into the cave object so it can be automatically updated

#Create CaveView object for manipulating the entire cave environment
#The caveorigin is a node that can be adjusted to move the entire cave around the virtual environment
caveorigin = vizcave.CaveView(viewtracker)

#Create another tracker using the keyboard and mouse (arrow keys adjust position, mouse changes orientation)
#origintracker = viztracker.KeyboardMouse6DOF()
#originlink = (origintracker, caveorigin)

#Set the MainView in a good position
vpos= caveorigin.getPosition()
vrot= caveorigin.getEuler()


originlink = ( caveorigin,viz.MainView)

#Link the keyboard/mouse so that it moves the cave and user around the virtual environment
#originlink = (origintracker, caveorigin)

#Add gallery environment model
gallery = viz.add('gallery.ive')
And here is my joy navigation device ( joyLITE )

import vizact
import viz

#Import the vizjoy module and add one joystick.
import vizjoy
joy = vizjoy.add()

def update_joystick():
	node3d = viz.MainView
	#Get the joystick position
	x,y,z = joy.getPosition()
	#Get the twist of the joystick
	twist = joy.getTwist()
	slider = joy.getSlider()
	state = joy.getButtonState()
	#Move the viewpoint forward/
	#backward based on y-axis value
	#Make sure value is above a certain
	if abs(x) > 0.2:
	#Move the viewpoint left/right based
	#on x-axis value. Make sure value is
	#above a certain threshold
	if abs(y) > 0.2:
	#Turn the viewpoint left/right based
	#on twist value. Make sure value is
	#above a certain threshold.
	if abs(slider) > 0.2:
	if abs(twist) > 0.2:
	#Up/down with buttons
	if state & vizjoy.BUTTON6:
	if state & vizjoy.BUTTON8:

#UpdateJoystick every frame
The rotations are very weird, and the view won't translate at all, why so?
I tried my joystick navigation file with another non-cave demo and it worked well.

Thank you by advance.
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