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Old 05-10-2016, 07:44 AM
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Inspector and DK2 questions

Hello Jeff and everyone,
I have two questions:
1. Is there any way in the inspector to write a point which i want as the center of my model ? It is super hard to get to the same point if i'm changing models but the script remains the same according to the first model loaded, regarding proximity sensors for example (i have to calculate each time i change my model were to put the sensors and it is frustarting).
2. I have DK2, run time 0.8 and vizard 5.3. I created a model and i create the same model and put on it (alpha=0 ) so it remains not visible and not allow people to move the area i want them to stay but it also not allow people nearly to move (i use DK2 and xbox 1 controller for movement with walking and orientation transports). When i try to move without the not visible model it works ok, any idea why is it happening?
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Old 05-11-2016, 05:33 AM
Erikvdb Erikvdb is offline
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1. I don't work with the Inspector a lot, but I believe you can individually offset the subnodes of your object. Just select the Geometry or Geode under the object MatrixTransform and move them about.

2. I have no idea what you mean. You have 2 models (1 visible, 1 invisible), but what are you trying to do with those? Is the viewpoint linked to one of these models or visa versa?
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