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Old 03-25-2008, 08:01 AM
Frank Verberne Frank Verberne is offline
Join Date: Mar 2008
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Getting a mirror to work in any environment

I used the code from this thread ( to create a mirror in the gallery environment. However, when I want to use the mirror in an other environment, it doesn't work anymore. Can somebody explain me why it doesn't work anymore and how I can make it work in any environment (even without an environment)? Or do I have to adjust the mirror for the environment I'm using? If so, how can I do that? Here is my code I'm currently using:
import viz
import socket
import math
import vizmat
import csv
import time
import random


def addMirror(mirror,mat=None):
	#If mirror matrix is not specifed, get matrix of mirror object
	if mat is None:
		mat = mirror.getMatrix()
	#Position of mirror
	pos = viz.Vector(mat.getPosition())
	#Direction mirror is pointing
	dir = viz.Vector(mat.getForward())

	#Quaternion rotation of mirror
	quat = mat.getQuat()
	#Create render texture
	tex = viz.addRenderTexture()
	#Create render node for rendering reflection
	lens = viz.addRenderNode(size=[512,512]) #set to [1024,1024] in the lab!
	#Setup reflection matrix
	rot = viz.Matrix.quat(quat)
	invRot = rot.inverse()
	#Setup reflection clip plane
	plane = vizmat.Plane(pos=pos,normal=dir)
	dist = plane.distance([0,0,0])
	#Project reflection texture onto mirror
#Add gallery environment
#gallery = viz.add('gallery.ive')
environment = viz.add('tut_ground.wrl')

#Create a mirror
mirror = viz.addTexQuad()
mirror.setPosition([0, 1, 2])
m = viz.Matrix()

#Apply mirror settings to mirror object

#Increase ambient lighting
viz.MainView.getHeadLight().ambient(3,3,3) #adjust avatar lighting

#Create two self avatars, possible: vcc_male.cfg, vcc_female.cfg, male.cfg, male_bbox.cfg, duck.cfg, hand.cfg
avatar1 = viz.add('vcc_male.cfg')
avatar1.setPosition(0.5,0,0) #(Y,Z,X)
avatar2 = viz.add('vcc_female.cfg')
avatar2.setPosition(-0.5,0,0) #(Y,Z,X)
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