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Old 11-04-2014, 07:05 AM
JB_HP_Viz JB_HP_Viz is offline
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In there a way in Vizconnect to allow user to select between different input devices

Checking to see if there is a way in Vizconnect to allow the user to select controlling the MainView with either a Joystick, a tracker, a Kinect, keyboard/mouse or any other input device?

I can see how to do it using in the example code below where I have allow the user to choose between a Joystick or Keyboard Tracker using keys on the keyboard to change which controls the MainView. Just checking to see if there is a way to do this using Vizconnect?

import sys
import viz
import vizact
import vizconfig
import vizcam


import vizinfo

# Setup keyboard/mouse tracker
keyboard_tracker = vizcam.addWalkNavigate(moveScale=2.0)

# Get list of joystick device information
dinput = viz.add('DirectInput.dle')
devices = dinput.getJoystickDevices()

# Exit if no joystick detected
if not devices:
	sys.exit('No joystick devices connected')

# If there is more than one device, then display selection dialog
if len(devices) > 1:
	selected = viz.choose('Select joystick device', [ d.productName for d in devices ])
	selected = 0

# Connect to selected device
joy = dinput.addJoystick(devices[selected])
if not joy:
	sys.exit('Failed to connect to joystick')

# Set dead zone threshold so small movements of joystick are ignored

# Display joystick information in config window

# Create node for applying joystick movement and link to main view
joystick_node = viz.addGroup(pos=(0,1.8,0)), viz.MainView)

# Use joystick axes to move joystick node
# Horizontal (X) axis controls yaw
# Vertical (Y) axis controls position
def UpdateJoystickMovement():
	e = viz.elapsed()
	x,y,z = joy.getPosition()
	joystick_node.setEuler([x * TURN_SPEED * e, 0, 0], viz.REL_LOCAL)
	joystick_node.setPosition([0, 0, y * MOVE_SPEED * viz.getFrameElapsed()], viz.REL_LOCAL)
vizact.ontimer(0, UpdateJoystickMovement)

# Reset joystick when joystick button 0 is pressed
def ResetPosition():
vizact.onsensordown(joy, 0, ResetPosition)

# Add environment

def linkJoystick():, viz.MainView)

vizact.onkeydown('j', linkJoystick)

def linkKeyboard():,viz.MainView)

vizact.onkeydown('k', linkKeyboard)
thank you

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