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Old 04-29-2014, 08:15 AM
rmcconnell11 rmcconnell11 is offline
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Hand Grab and Object Action

Hi guys,

I am trying to add an action to an object once it is grabbed by a hand. Unfortunately I am having a bit of trouble in getting the objects to move at all!
This is what I have so far....

import viz
import vizact

#function for changing numbers to three decimal places
def decimal(Pos):
	for i, number in enumerate(Pos):
		Pos[i] = round(number,3)
ground = viz.addChild('ground.osgb')

Tool = viz.add('Tool_V12.osgb', pos=[0,0,4], euler=[180,0,0])

#Get the clamp parts
ClampA_Transform = Tool.getChild('G05515000_SAJG01A-5068.2')
ClampA = ClampA_Transform.getChild('All Nodes')
ClampA_Pos = ClampA.getPosition(mode=viz.REL_GLOBAL)

#Clamp B
ClampB_Transform = Tool.getChild('G05515000_SAJG01A-5068.1')
ClampB = ClampB_Transform.getChild('All Nodes')
ClampB_Pos = ClampB.getPosition(mode=viz.REL_GLOBAL)

import viztracker
viztracker.DEFAULT_HANDS = True
rightHand = viztracker.get('lefthand')

#enable physics

closest = None #Used to identify closest object to hand
MoveableParts = [ClampA, ClampB]

def updateClosest():
	global closest
	list = viz.phys.intersectNode(rightHand)
	if list != []:
		closestDistance = 999999
		closest = None
		handPos = rightHand.getPosition()
		for object in list:
			if (object in MoveableParts):
				distance = vizmat.Distance(handPos, object.getPosition(viz.ABS_GLOBAL))
				if distance < closestDistance:
					closest = object
					closestDistance = distance
		closest = None
vizact.onupdate(viz.PRIORITY_DEFAULT, updateClosest)

link = None
def onGesture(e):
	global link
	if closest is not None:
		node = closest
		link = viz.grab(rightHand, node)
		if node is ClampA:
			#link= viz.grab(hand, closest)
			global ClampA_Pos
			Pos = ClampA.getPosition(mode=viz.REL_GLOBAL)
			if Pos == ClampA_Pos:
				node.addAction(vizact.spinTo(euler=[-90,0,0], speed=90))
			elif Pos != ClampA_Pos:
				node.addAction(vizact.spinTo(euler=[90,0,0], speed=90))
		if node is ClampB:
			global ClampB_Pos
			Pos = ClampB.getPosition(mode=viz.REL_GLOBAL)
			if Pos == ClampB_Pos:
				node.addAction(vizact.spinTo(euler=[90,0,0], speed=90))
			else:# CurrentPos != ClampB_Pos:
				node.addAction(vizact.spinTo(euler=[-90,0,0], speed=90))

import hand
viz.callback( hand.HAND_GESTURE_EVENT, onGesture )
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