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Use of 5DT Ultra left handed glove

Hey Vizard Gurus :-)

I spent my whole day trying to use a 5DT Ultra glove. It looks my code work. But I do not get the results I expect. I just realized, from using a test routine to visualize the glove as I move my fingers, that the glove does not respond accordingly. For example, when I move the ring finger, the glove does not seem to respond. I have used the auto calibration tool from 5DT, but I am still having the problem.

Any suggestion welcome.

PS: Below, part of the code I am using, after initializing the glove and the gesture list.


def changeSlides(num):
gesture = int(sensor.get()[-1])
if gesture == 0:
print 'in fist'
if gesture == 1:
#Index point
print 'in index point'
#if gesture == 8:
#Little finger point
#print 'in little finger pointer'
if gesture == 15:
#Flat Hand - Make all quads invisible
print 'in flat hand'
#if gesture == 16:
#print 'in error message'
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