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Integrated orientation tracker in zSight HMD

Hi All,

Our lab recently purchased a zSight HMD, which integrated a 3DOF orientation tracker. We were exciting that a simple code can make it work, as below:

import sensics

hmd = sensics.zSight_60()
tracker = sensics.zSightSensor(), viz.MainView)
However, my question is how to determine the tracker coordinates with respect to the real world. Is the tracker coordinates fixed or does it depend on the initial (physical) status of the HMD? How do we align, for example, the +Z axis in the virtual world to the physical north of the real world.

Another question is that it seems the default position of the HMD is fixed (i.e. 1.76 m above the ground). Is there a way to change the default position of the zSight tracker?

Thanks in advance.
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