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Unhappy some question on vizard

The following is some problems, hope to get your help.

problem 1:
If I add some VRML file in the mouse or keyboard callback method, it can't work. for example:

import viz

def mykeyboard(whichKey):
print 'The following key was pressed: ', whichKey
t = viz.add('helloworld.wrl')#######this cannot work

viz.callback(viz.KEYBOARD_EVENT, mykeyboard)

s = viz.add('helloworld.wrl')######this one work properly

problem 2:
if I register a keyboard or mouse callback method like above, how can I stop it.

problem 3:
After I add a VRML file, can I delete it,
I only found the method viz.visible(False) to make it unvisible,but I
am not sure if it still use the memory.

problem 4:
I have a GUI made by Tk, but how can I use it in vizard, or vizard have another gui tools.

problem 5:
We have some experiments implemented in SGI system, and we want to reuse some iv(or VRML 1.0) files, that are not supported in this version. do you have plan to support them in later version, or have some tools to convert them.

Best wishes!
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