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hey, so i'm playing with the vizinfo class with the hopes of using it for posting questions/surveys to a user/subject in the VE. here are some questions/comments

first, a BUG: when I set the title to nothing ("") there is a little gap in the border. i can solve this with a simple 2-line adjustment (which should be added into the code base):
if mesg == '':

now the questions:

is there a way to move the expand/collapse vizard logo (or "vizard guy") to another corner? like the top left?

is there a way to get the dimensions of the box so I can translate it according to its center?

is there a way to add other elements into the box and have it automatically resize, expand, collapse, move, etc? I want to be able to put sliders, checkboxes (other than the "vizard guy")

is there documentation on it that I'm just missing (its not in the command reference)?

i think you get the idea of what i'm getting at. thanks.

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