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Other 3D software to generate animated characters

Thank you!

My problem is that both 3ds Max and Maya are very expensive and difficult to learn. Can you recommend some other low end software (both cheaper and easy) for us to create our own animated characters?

I am now testing on Blender, 3D GameStudio, Poser, Life Forms (Credo), MilkShape, 3D World, Character Shop and etc to see if I can generate an animated character to import to WorldViz and program their parts (head, limb, leg etc) for animation.

Of course, it would be much better if WorldViz can provide this type of information. Otherwise, we will need to spend a lot of money to purchase 3ds and Maya and even that, we are not sure if we can start programming WordViz in a number of months to come. We want to spend our time and resources in WorldViz but not so much in other software.
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