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Sorry we did not answer this sooner. There has been a lot going on over here.

Vizard uses the Cal3D format for avatars. A .cfg file is a configuration file that is used to load an avatar which is in this Cal3D format. There are many other files that are associated with that same avatar. All avatars that are included with Vizard or purchased from Worldviz already have this file. Otherwise, you can export an avatar into this format from either Max or Maya with the Cal3D exporters that are available on the Worldviz downloads page.

When exporting a model to the OpenSceneGraph format there are two options, .osg or .ive. Both are part of the OSG format, but an .ive is a compiled version and loads much faster once you bring the model into Vizard. It can even have all the image data stored directly in the file. The drawback is that if anything within the file needs to be changed, a new file must be exported. OSG format, on the other hand, is not compiled. It loads slower and images must be stored in an accompanying directory. However, if you want to manually edit the file, you can simply open it in Wordpad. Furthermore, you can edit individual images without having to export your model again. An OSG exporter for Max is also available on the Vizard website.

To create .vzf files you will need to use PeopleMaker,a program which prepares custom, morphable 3D heads for Vizard avatars. PeopleMaker should be in the bin folder of your Vizard directory.
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