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Lightbulb Ideas for Vizard support in OSGExp


I was thinking about adding some options to OSGExp (The osg exporter for 3ds max) especially for vizard. I am just starting to learn Vizard, so I am not sure if these options would be needed. My current ideas are:
  • Export point helpers to a python script.
  • Export camera positions and orientations to a python script.

I am thinking to create for a file called test.osg also a that contains the data mentioned above. By including this file in your script, you will have access to the point helpers and camera's that where defined in the Max file.

What do you think? Is this useful?

Another idea is to export this information to an general file format, like xml. Maybe that is an better idea, that way it is more general.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Greetings, Joran.
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