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view_coliision module

Hello Jeff and everyone else,
I have vizard 5.3, oculus DK2 with 0.8 runtime.
I imported view_collision module and built via vizconnect an avatar that is being controled by transport (hirarcic model of: tracker of DK2->walking transport with xbox one controller as direct input -> avatar represented by head and hand (non visible hand), display of DK2) so i can use this module.
I built a room in sketchup with circular arena inside it which i want the participants to stay in, but be able to see the area outside the circular arena.
I tried to use the view_collision module like you (Jeff) advised me to do but with only partial success. Sometimes if i keep pushing a button it can get through the wall of the circular arena and it is also a problem with the oculus because i can go up ("fly") and get out of the circular arena without a collision has been detected.
Do you have an idea why it is going out although the avatar high is lower than the circular arena if we keep pushing on a button?
Do you have an idea how can i overcome the fact that it can pass the walls when the participant is at a certain high?

Thank you!
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