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Blender .obj 3D models to Vizard 5

Hello everyone,

just ran in to some problem when using my usual routine of loading 3D models into Vizard. I use Blender, export as .obj wavefront (with textures, tried both .png and .jpg format) and load them into Vizard as either .obj or .osgb (via 3DS Max).

This worked like a charm with Vizard 3 and 4, however the textures won't load in Vizard 5 (tried with little test file attached as .zip). The textures won't load both if I load the model with viz.add() in the engine or have a peek using the Inspector.

I'm not quite sure whether there might be some trouble with Blender .objs or I am doing something completely wrong... or should I switch to 3DS Max entirely

Many thanks and best regards!

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