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Hi Luakt, If all you want to do is 3DModelling, there are some cheap and fast options out there like 'Sketchup' which has been purchased and is supported by Google.

however, with all 'cheaper' tools, you will quickly run into limits, and specifically when it comes to character animation, it will most likely be very hard (and in many cases impossible) to find and estabilsh a good work flow.

RE tutorials for 3DStudio, 3DStudio comes with a large collection of tutorials and help files, and also there are tons of commercially available books about character animation with 3DStudio. 3D art is a skill, which is why people study it for many years in some cases, and 3D artists are paid a lot of money.

There are a few programs out there which try to bring 3D art to the 'consumer' but most of them are only good for a limited aspect of things or have limited functionality.

It's like Photoshop for 2D graphics: there are thousands of 2D graphics programs out there, but if you want to do professional work, you will likely not get around to learn and use either Photoshop or one of it's high-end competitors.
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