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First of all,
thank you for replying that quickly,

what I try to do :

A user will navigate (with a joystick) in a virtual room.
I need to know what he is looking at, an when he is looking at it.

I will get (real-time) data from a pc with an eye tracker.
this data consists of 2D coordinates.

I want to check which object is under those 2D coordinates.
And I want to write this to a file.

I also want to know when, which items are visible for the user.

I dont know yet how the data will need to be saved, but one thing is sure :
I need to be able to know which objects are on the screen and
Which object is under the 2D coordinate at particular time.

this should be written in a file to do datamanipulation with later on.

thank you,
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