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Fade in and fade out an audio file

Hi all,

I would like to create a spatial sound atmosphere. I made a script (very rudimentary) in which whenever the user turns the head 20 degrees, hears a different file (therefore I have 18 audio files in the scene, played simultaneously; one with volume =1, and the rest with volume = 0) Is there a way to made a fade out of the previous file and fade in of the new one in an overlapping sector of 10 degrees:

0-10 degrees: file 1 volume 1 (rest volume 0)
10-20: file 1 fade out, file 2 fade in (rest volume 0)
20-30: file 2 volume 1 (rest volume 0)
30-40: file 2 fade out, file 3 fade in (rest volume 0)....

Maybe a way of changing the volume gradually in these junction circular sector regarding the position of the head?

Thanks in advance
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