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[vizconnect] Framerate drops when switching from stereo to mono projection


we've been facing a weird issue in our cave. When using quad buffering, the stereoscopic simulation runs smoothly at 60 fps on all sides.
viz.setOption('viz.stereo', viz.QUAD_BUFFER)
However, when we don't want to use stereo and instead remove the mentioned line, the framerate drops to like 20-40, never really settling on a steady rate.

About the setup:
3-sided projection using the cluster master tool running on:

dual intel xeon e5-2643v4
64 gb ddr4 ram
3x nvidia quadro p5000
1x quadro sync

In addition to quadro sync, the 3 barco f50 wqxga projectors are synced. They run stereo in dual-head mode at 120 Hz, so left/right at 60 Hz respectively.

Maybe someone has an idea, what could possibly be the reason for this. I'd imagine, it should run better when it needs to only render half the images basically. I'm not sure, if this is vizard related or some sort of weird sync issue, but maybe someone has had similar problems?
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