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Hi dproeder,

Transparency: Check whether your baked textures have an alpha channel. Alpha is automatically picked up by Vizard as transparency when used as a diffuse texture. If this is the case, change your texture output settings to prevent an alpha channel from being created when baking textures. If you are baking transparent objects as well, bake only those with transparency enabled.

Bad Unwrap Spacing: I have the same complaint actually. Use the attached Maxscript instead to automatically unwrap the selected objects instead of using the one in Render to Texture.

Mental ray can have issues with thin and small UV islands. If an island would render smaller than a pixel wide (before any padding) Mental Ray deems it unimportant and fails to render it. Normally it wouldn't matter, because the padding would compensate. Unless something has been changes since I last checked, your options are:
1. Use a larger texture size
2. Use more supersampling
3. Keep detailed objects or parts of objects separate from objects with large flat areas and only give a higher resolution to just these special objects.
4. Switch to a 3rd party renderer that does not have this problem (eg. VRay, which is what we use).

Both 1 and 2 greatly increase the time and RAM needed to render a map. 3 uses 1 & 2, but is more targeted. 4 can be expensive but can save enough time/headaches to be worth it.
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