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Changing multi/sub-object texture on avatar

Hi, I'm trying to swap the face texture of a Vizard Complete Characters avatar, for instance to toggle between make-up on, make-up off. However the head mesh has a multi/sub-object material (in 3DsMax) with the body texture on ID1 and the hair texture on ID2. So when I do:
it applies the new texture to everything, inlcuding the hair. Is there a way to apply the new texture ONLY to Material ID1? I know the node= argument of .texture can be used to target individual meshes, but the hair and head are one single mesh object on many of the avatars.

I think it's the same problem as presented here:
But like I said targeting a specific node isn't the solution. I mean, I guess I could just go into Max, detach the hair and export it as a separate mesh, but I'd have to do that for a bunch of avatars so I was hoping there would be an easier option in Vizard itself
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