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Phantom Objects


How can I create a phantom object? an object that is not visible, but has all the properties of objects (3D models)? Currently I import ("add") a simple object and scale it to 0.01 to make it very small and then move it to under the earth, so that it is not visible, but I can associate properties, links and children to it. Here it's a part of the code that I use,

Vnode = viz.add('beachball.osgb') # load a simple object as phantom object
Vnode.setScale([.01, .01, .01]) # scale down
Vnode.setPosition(0, -1, 0) # move it under the earth

ViewLink =,viz.MainView) # link a view to Vnode
ViewLink.preTrans( [0,2.5,-10]) # adjust the position
ViewLink.preEuler( [0,5,0] )  # adjust the orientation
This way, the view moves and turns with the movement of the phantom object (Vnode). So, in other words, the question is how can I avoid creating Vnode? Very many thanks.

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