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Same problem

I have more or less the same problem as has been described above. I'm using Vizard 2.51c, a NVIS nVisor SX HMD and a PNY graphics card equipped with the Nvidia Quadro FX 4400.

I have horizontally spanned the desktop and when I run a vizard program (using viz.go(viz.PROMPT) and selecting Stereo and Fullscreen, the image for the left eye is cut-off and continued on the next eye, and the image for the right eye has been shifted to the right and I cut-off.

When I run the same program in a maximized window (which stretches accross left and right eye) everything's ok.

Is this a problem specific to the new Quadro FX 4400 chipset?

Kind regards,

Ron Dotsch

PS. The technotes about the nvidia chipset issues mentioned in a previous post weren't available at this moment.

Edit: I have tried changing the FOV and aspect ratio as shown above. Didn't help.

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