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collission and scaling of objects


collission-detection between objects does not seem to consider the scaling of objects.

I have a glider (developed in 3d Studio Max)

self.node = viz.add('../resources/joNew/glider2.wrl')

and scale it in vizard by self.node.scale(0.01,0.01,0.01)

If I call the

for object in collidablesBall:
					#Don't check for collisions with the same object
					if object == ball:
					#Perform the collision check with the room
					global gliderObj
					info = ball.collidingwith(object,1)
					#print 'hallo',info.intersected
					if info.intersected:
						print 'inBox',collidablesBall
I was always wondering, why I had a collision in free space...

Checked everything....Checked it again, as I now I'm no expert yet...

Then I took the scaling out and saw that it collided with the unscaled glider...

Is this right, what can I do?
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