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Xbox controller and Oculus DK2

hi there,

I started doing some tests with the Oculus Rift DK2 for Architectural walk-thru..

last week I also add the xbox PC wireless controller.
separately with demos they both work fine.
however when combined the scripts - only one will work

for example, in the "maze" controller demo the OCULUS wont work.
i get no error msgs.. it just. dont work..
(the blue hdmi signal led in the oculus is on, screens OK but it doesn't respond)

i also getting some kind of conflict when use the pit (walk on the plank) demo with the oculus DK2 :
when the oculus works OK, the "faller" doesn't work. i mean.. no gravity.
when disable the oculus import script (""") and controlling the views with the keyboard it works fine..

it would be great if you can provide me the correct script for both scenes or guide me thru this..

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