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Transformation problem with FBX from Maya

I am working with a colleague and get FBX models created in Maya, then open them in 3DS and export them to osgb/ive. I've come across this very irritating issue that the transformation/rotation of an object is off, as soon as I do something with it (in my case I'm copying it to create multiple instances). I am specifically trying to multiply an animation created in Maya (see attached FBX).

I used the RestXForm option in 3DS, which rotates the object to the position/orientation that appears in Vizard as soon as I copy it (I'm assuming due to the swapped Z/Y axes between the two packages). How can I permanently reset the transform without actually affecting the object, so it appears correctly in Vizard? (I've tried insertGroupBelow/Above with no success and also switching the axes in Maya).
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