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Reticle cursor for Oculus - how do I create it?

Hey all,
I'm back to looking into Vizard and seeing if it might be a better fit for a project than Unity - the reason is a large point cloud, which Openscenegraph probably handles better.

Anyway... I'm completely not good at Python, but have managed quite a bit from cutting and pasting bits from the example scripts to get things working. (adding joystick movement to the Rift demo for exanple)

However, what I want to do is:
- Can I attach the built-in cross hair from the Duck demo, to the Oculus rift, such that it shows where you are 'looking at'

- And, similar to many Google Cardboard demos... a wait to click, where the crosshair simulates a mousedown (click) on an object if the person gazes at the object for about 1.5 seconds.

I'd appreciate some help on this.
Best Regards
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