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Question Cal3d & predefined LOD?!

In a post dating back to 2007, someone states that LOD (Level of Detail) is "currently" not supported for Cal3d avatars. It is now 2015 and my question is simple: Are levels of detail supported for avatars in Vizard 5?
If yes: how do I set it up? I want to use the handmade meshes for the levels, not some poly-reduction algorithm at runtime that messes with the mesh.

If not: This is so essential for performance. If I want to populate a scene with some high quality avatars for realism's sake, I need a way to swap the highpoly meshes against lowpoly meshes for obvious performance reasons (the same goes for the shaders in use on each resolution). I can't make a set of low poly and a highpoly avatars and confine them to inner & outer bounds, if a person should be able to move freely through the crowd.
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