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sensor or not sensor?

Hi all,

In my project I am using an RTK-GPS unit and a separate compass module - so far I have been able to to connect to them using pyserial and apply transforms to the GPS data from within a Vizard script - all good there . However, I am now wondering if I am approaching this all wrong and should actually be using a sensor plugin for this purpose, so that I can use the functionality provided by through for offsetting etc.??

Am I creating more problems for myself down-the-line by not using a sensor? Do I run the risk of introducing problematic lag within my project by using a python script to access these devices?

The one problem I may have is my utter lack of programming know-how in anything but python, and a bit of javascript .

So I throw it out there - sensor or not sensor??

Any advise regarding this would be very gratefully received as my head is quite sore from all the scratching .

Thanks In Advance
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